Shunsaku Hayashi (b.1992) is a Japanese artist/filmmaker. He
studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London as a trainee
under the Japan Cultural Ministry Abroad Research Fellowship for
up- and-coming artists from 2012 to 2015. His recent animated
short "Interstitial (2017)" won the Grand Jury Prize for Animation
Short at 22nd Slamdance Film Festival. "Railment (2017)" received
the Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film at 55th Ann Arbor
Film Festival.

【Prizes and Grants】
2018 22nd Slamdance Film Festival, USA < Grand Jury Prize for Animation Short >
   22nd Slamdance Film Festival, USA < Creative Future Award >
   FLICKERS’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2018, USA < Grand Prize for the Best Experimental >
   27th Arizona International Film Festival, USA < the Jury Awards for Creative Achievement >
   Bolton International Film Festival, UK < Best Experimental >
   Queeen City Film Festival, USA <Best Animation>
2017 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA < Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Fiilm >
   Project to Support the Nurturing of Media, Japan
   Arts Creators Artist in Studio at Kyoto Art Centre, Japan
   29th Girona Film Festival, Spain < Best Experimental Art Film >
   16th Concorto Film Festival, Italy < Prize Sbandato d'Argento >
   NONPLUSSED FEST, USA < the Jury Award for Best Narrative Short >
   44. Festival of Nations, Austria < "Lenz" for Best Animated Film >
   Shuffle Festival, UK < Best Under 25 >
   ReAnima International Animated Film Festival 2017, Norway < Best Experimental Film >
   The Black Sea Film Festival, Romania < Best Animation >
2016 Filmfest Dresden, Germany < Golden Horseman for Animated Film >
2015 Japan Cultural Ministry Abroad Research Fellowship, Japan
   Crystal Palace Film Festival, UK < Best Animation >
2011 Nomura Foundation Art Grant, Japan
2007 [10th] Japan Media Arts Festival, Japan

【Major Screenings】
2019 69th Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
   Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France
   Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
2018 Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
   Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada
   Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil
   56th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA
   49th Nashville Film Festival, USA
   45th Athens International Film and Video Festival, USA
   42nd Atlanta Film Festival, USA
   20th Maryland Film Festival, USA
   Anifilm, Czech Republic
2017 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany
   23rd Palm Springs Short Fest, USA
   23rd Encounters Film Festival, UK
   19th FICA, Brazil 19th Maryland Film Festival, USA
   2016 46th Tampere Film Festival, Finland
   22nd Palm Springs Short Fest, USA
   40th Atlanta Film Festival, USA
   33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, USA
2015 Ars Electronica, Austria
   23rd Raindance Film Festival, UK
   24th St. Louis International Film Festival, USA
   57th ZINEBI, Spain

【Solo and Group exhibition】
2015 Siggraph Asia, Japan
   Japan Media Arts Festival in Yamanashi, Japan
   Neo:artprize2015, UK
2011 solo: ‘Drawing Exhibition’, Osaka
2007 solo: ‘Taheru Anatomia’, Tokyo
   Siggraph 2007, USA